TYRAN PACE • Long Live Metal LP

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Noise Records 1985
Oh my fuck I love this record! It's pretty much THE perfect Metal album... it's got it all: soaring high register vocals (a'la Rob Halford), tasty riffs, great production, lyrics about Metal, rockin' hard, barbaric hordes, and breaking the speed limit, and if that's not enough, the band is tighter than a rat's ass stretched over a rain barrel. I borrowed this cassette from a guy in college cuz he knew I was into old Metal, and at the time I only checked out a couple of songs - I was prolly too busy listening to the new BIOHAZARD CD or some other similarly awful shit. Now that my head is no longer up my ass I can fully appreciate the genius of this record. Overnight (literally) Ralf Scheepers has become my favourite vocalist. Yeah he sounds exactly like Halford, but goddamn! if you're gonna sound like someone, who better? After a little investigating I discovered that after TP (that's TYRAN PACE... not the other TP) he was in GAMMA RAY (I always thought it was Kai Hansen), and now he's the vocalist in PRIMAL FEAR (a band I've never heard, but am looking forward to). It's impossible for me to pick a favourite track, cuz every one's a killer... even the one called "Wheels Of Love", which for obvious reasons I assumed would be total shite. There's a bunch of unnecessary explosion sound effects peppered throughout the entire album, which at first was kinda annoying (cuz they scared me), but this album is so far beyond reproach that now I love them too! Simply put, Metal doesn't get any better than this.
DOWNLOAD: Tyran Pace - Long Live Metal.rar (60.27 MB)


Seriah said...

Ralph is not on all the Gamma Ray stuff, Kai does the lead on some of them, and Kai does sing on all of them, even if just backing vocals...