"No Blame" by THE OBSESSED

Thursday, March 13, 2008

From the album: Lunar Womb (Hellhound 1991)
There aren't too many songs that I would consider to be amongst the greatest of all time based solely upon their lyrics... but "No Blame" by THE OBSESSED is one of the few. And really, this song makes it upon the strength of only a couple of lines: "I'm gonna shine my shoes on your face for... THE NAME OF ROCK 'N' ROLL!!!!". It's pretty much the most bad-ass thing I've ever heard, and if there's somebody that could (and would) do it, it's Wino. Check out the picture, I wouldn't fuck with that dude in a month of Sundays. The song itself is 1:25 of straight ahead, unrelelenting Punk Rock, and when it's over, you kinda feel like Wino has kicked the shit outta you. Musically there are much better songs by THE OBSESSED, but there's just something about this one that gets me stoked. Check it out here.


David said...

Great song. No wait, fantastic fuckin song.