SNAPCASE • 1991 Demo

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Private/Indie 1991
When SNAPCASE (or SOLID STATE as they were initially tagged) first started playing shows around Buffalo, it was hard to not think of them as ZERO TOLERANCE lite. It was the same shtick, just done by younger kids. I guess it's not all that surprising since NYHC (with few exceptions) really is a one-trick pony: macho tough-guy bullshit, lyrics about being screwed over by your friends, blah blah blah... heard it once, heard it a million times. To their credit, it does seem like SNAPCASE were going for something a little different lyrically - some kinda new-age nonsense, or maybe it's just more of that Krishna business that was de rigueur at the time. Musically this is just what you'd expect: simple Metal riffs, John Joseph wanna-be vocals, lots of double bass drumming, gang backing vocals, etc. I absolutely loved "Die Laughing" back in the day, and after a few listens... I gotta say it still holds up. Apparently SNAPCASE became a hugely influential band (I've never heard any of their records), pretty surprising considering this demo is far from groundbreaking, but in '91 it was the shit!
DOWNLOAD: Snapcase-1991Demo.rar (20.81 MB)


EMS / COREGASM said...

awesome, can't wait to hear this. I had the SOLID STATE demo and had some hard times and ebayed it a few years back. still regret that!

Alcolm X said...

I've thought about putting this on Ebay a few times, but figured I wouldn't get enough for it.

djbeast said...

Can you,please re-up this?