Atomix Records • St. Catharines ON

Monday, September 1, 2008

4 Garden Park (Unit 1)
(905) 280-0346
St. Catharines is a desolate wasteland of bleakness and despair... and as such, it's no surprise that vinyl shops are few and far between. I spent the first 20 odd years of my life in St. Catharines, and during that time there were some great record stores (T.N.T. Records absolutely ruled - far too good to survive in this podunk town, Records On Wheels, Dr. Disc, Tantrum, and some others I'm forgetting), but today (as far as I can tell) there's only one proper record store in the city... Atomix Records. Atomix is a nice shop with lots of well organized LPs, and a great Soul/R&B section, but there's nary a Metal record to be found - profoundly disappointing. In addition to peddling vinyl, the friendly folks at Atomix also repair and sell parts for turntables, which I thought was pretty damn cool. There's a lot of good quality vinyl crammed into a relatively small space, but no Metal = little chance of a repeat visit.


Atomix Records said...

Sorry I'm late.
Yes we still suck for metal, just doesn't come up enough, not because we don't like it.

For some strange reason,the few metal LP's that do turn up are always in horrible condition, so I don't buy them.

Mind you even in mint condition the recording quality of some is poor to begin with(Venom).

Come back and visit the new location, 242 St.Paul St., while we continue to try to survive and we will do our best to disapoint you again!LOL

Zach said...

it's funny, i've been looking through your blog and most of the record stores that you went to i go to. must live in the same general area. no good record stores around here. i have to buy all on the internet.

yeah new place, but same old stuff. never bought anything. i never saw anything new when i went in. so now i've stopped going.

Atomix Records said...

Another new location to disappoint you!
75 St.Paul St.(downstairs)
We are still not a good record store, but now we are good for nothing!
If you thought our Metal section(what Metal section??) sucked, wait until you see the rest!
But still here and trying, until we are dying.

Alcolm X said...

Oh c'mon now... don't be so hard on yourself! Atomix is great, my only gripe was the absence of Metal... the same gripe I have with many record stores. If I was looking for a Marvin Gaye or Bar Kays record, Atomix would be my first stop.