Saturday, July 17, 2010

GWR Records 1987
When MOTORHEAD expanded into a 4 piece in 1984 I was convinced that Würzel was the superior player in the new-look twin-guitar MOTORHEAD. Honestly this was based on little more than the fact that he looked the part (being an ugly motherfucker who might have given Lemmy a run for his money), because I still don't know who's playing what on those Burston/Campbell records. I have an inkling that Phil Campbell was responsible for those crazy half-cocked wah solos on Rock 'n' Roll, but again, that's just speculation. So, it seems that Würzel felt the need to spread his wings, step out from the shadow of Lemmy, and put out this here EP, the oddly titled Bess. Thankfully he did, because none of the 4 tracks on Bess would have been suitable for his day job. "Bess" is a slow bluesy instrumental that fails to excite and as such is an odd title/lead-off track. "Midnight In London" and "People Say I'm Crazy" are both up-tempo rockers, the former recalling the NWOBHM... with a slight whiff of DEF LEPPARD detectable. Würzel's got a good voice, with a gruffness and edgy incompetence that helps to elevate the fairly standard music on offer. Bess wraps up with another instrumental guitar showcase that meanders through Rock and some mild touches of Jazz (fretless bass solo anyone?). It's an interesting listen, but that interest will likely only extend to MOTORHEAD diehards.
DOWNLOAD: Wurzel-BessEP.rar (23.44 MB)


Roberto Gog Magog said...

Man, God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!
I have got the vynil and I have been looking for a digital version for months!!!!

normanlizard said...

Thanks for this! As for the Campbell/Wurzel solos, it was Wurzel who was the wild one most of the time (slide and a wah on "Stone Deaf In The USA" for example). He and Phil were a perfect match.

Alcolm X said...

Now that you mention it, I think that record had little symbols (clubs, spades) denoting who was playing what solo. I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Needs a new link, the mediafire link says servers aren't carrying it anymore.

nnnn2571 said...

please I need the lyrics of "Midnight in London", who can help me?? would greatly appreciate it

greetings from Chile

orangemen621 said...

Thanks for making this available for download. I think its a great album and its too bad Wurzel didn't do more of them (while staying with Motorhead.) Wurzel solo albums plus Motorhead albums would have been great stuff.

siri said...

Hi Folks,
Thought I might contribute being the drummer from this EP.
"Bess" for those who may not know was the name of his Guitar!!
Cheers and
God bless him. He was a true gent and a real Star.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I totally agree! Great blog.
Thanks for the dl.
Marco from Italy

Argent Uracell said...

Hey Simon!
Thanks for commenting.
Can we chat somehow?
I've got a million questions about him.

Argent Uracell said...

Hey Simon!
Thank for replying.
Could we chat somehow?
I've got a thousand questions about him.