PROPHECY • Unforseen Future Demo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Private/Indie 1989
PROPHECY were a buncha righteous dudes from north of Toronto who dealt in chugging mid-paced Thrash that's just on the cusp of Death Metal. Unforseen Future is definitely not the tightest thing yer gonna hear any time soon (sounds like they're barely keeping it together), but there's some cool riffs and great vocals that call to mind Schmier (DESTRUCTION) and Rob from SACRIFICE (especially the high pitched screams that finish off certain lines). "Avoid Death's Call" is still a great song, but honestly, and unfortunately, I got bored quickly with the rest of it.
DOWNLOAD: Prophecy-UnforseenFutureDemo.rar (49.06 MB)


Canada Spaceman said...

One of the hardest demos to find for the longest time!... many will be happy ...

now give up all the Nosferatu you hoarder!

martinquebec said...

thoses who are interested in the other demo from 90 got it

martinquebec said...

the 2 demo!download|476l34|238884361||23001