Monday, July 26, 2010

Megaforce Records 1985
In 1985, when From The Megavault came out, I foolishly had zero interest in the collection of rarities culled from the Megaforce archives, but today, as I'm sure it did then, it stands up as an absolutely top notch comp. The exclusive tracks from OVERKILL, EXCITER, RAVEN, S.O.D., and BLESSED DEATH all make this essential, with tracks from T.T. QUICK, ANTHRAX, and unknowns MEDIEVAL STEEL and IMPERIOUS REX only sweetening the deal. BLUE CHEER's take on the oft covered "Boney Maroney" is the odd-man-out here, with standouts being the Violence And Force-era outtake from EXCITER and the live RAVEN track. Download with confidence.
DOWNLOAD: FromTheMegavault.rar (64.5 MB)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, always loved Overkill (the 1st four albums anyway) and Sonic Reducer (though a cover) is great to have.


Erich said...

when I re-bought S.O.D.'s "speak english or die" album a few years ago, I missed one song I particularly liked - "ram it up" (originally a song by the german hardcore heroes INFERNO). ell, I thought, it was maybe only available on the original press and not on the shit quality duch roadrunner version I had bought for a couple of $. now with this, I remember how it really was. the song was only on this comp! and yes, a pretty nice compilation as a whole. thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Bloody fucking hell! Had this on cassette for 20 years and finally wore it out in '07. Thanks for posting this badass compilation. Killer.

martinquebec said...

thoses interested in i got the second megavault from 91 minus 2 songs because i dubbed what i liked and and dont have the original cassette

TESTAMENT - Burnt Offerings demo 86
steve souza vocal
VENOM - Acid Queen
MERCYFUL FATE - Black Funeral
. ANTHRAX - Across the River/Howling Furies live
BLITZKRIEG - Blitzkrieg
OVERKILL - Sonic Reducer
T.T. QUICK - Victims
RAVEN - Take It Away live
S.O.D. - Ram It Up
THE BEAST - Is This Life
THE BEAST - The Shape
. M.O.D. - If the Shoe Fits
. EXCITER - Death Revenge