SEDUCER • Seducer LP

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Universe Productions 1983
I don't know what the eff is going on, but I don't hate this record! I was sure it'd suck based on the band's tracks from the Holland Heavy Metal comp (even though they were better than SAD IRON... that ain't sayin' much!) and this righteously bad band photo (I can hear the guy up front now, the one who looks like Tony Orlando: "Hey guys check it out, I got this awesome goldtop Les Paul to match my gold lamé pants"). SEDUCER ain't Metal by any stretch, so if you can't stomach straight up Rock I'd move along and avoid this one. Imagine classic high octane TED NUGENT played at half time and with a quarter of the energy. Throw in a tiny bit of Southern Rock, some Russ Dwarf vocals, and a track that sounds like THE EAGLES' "Life In The Fast Lane", and you might be starting to get the picture. Yeah it's not great, but I expected much much worse.
DOWNLOAD: Seducer-Seducer.rar (60.91 MB)


Anonymous said...

That band photo looks like what you would get if a 70's classic rock cover bar band, comprised of old heads that gave up their musical career after high school graduation and decided years later to make a few bucks on the weekend covering Foghat tunes, decided to suddenly change back to original material again and take a stab at stardom... after they got laid off from their day jobs and recently discovered that retro is always "in style". As for the music, it holds a candle next to bands like "Facedancer", and "D.C. Star", which isn't saying much.

Anonymous said...

That band photo looks like it's copied & pasted from