COBRA • Warriors Of The Dead LP

Friday, February 19, 2010

Criminal Response Records 1985
Technically this might not be an Ebony release, but surely Criminal Response Records was some sorta subsidiary or off-shoot, cuz this reeks of Ebony, and more specifically: it sounds like Ebony (i.e. like complete shit). However, much like they did on their Ebony debut, COBRA try their damnedest to overcome the crippling effects of a third rate production job by whipping out a serious collection of hefty, aggressive, NWOBHM killers. Manic off-the-cuff solos and loads of cool riffs are what make Warriors Of The Dead, and though lacking, the production is much better than Back From The Dead.
DOWNLOAD: Cobra-WarriorsOfTheDead.rar (54.58 MB)


Anonymous said...

The last one was not too bad, so I'll give this one a spin. I do like Blood Money quite a bit, and I believe they were on Ebony as well. On an unrelated note, I like replacing "Dead" with "Fred" in all usage instances dealing with either zombies or metal song/album titles. You gotta admit, "Night of the living Fred", or in this case, "Warriors of The Fred" just sounds funny... :P

Alcolm X said...

"Dreaming With The Fred"

Anonymous said...

Wow.. a Ripping Corpse reference!! That's more Hardcore than a 1,000 Hatebreed records!! (Here's hoping they don't actually make that many.) Some omitted video game alterations: "Left 4 Fred", "Fred Rising", and "Red Fred Revolver". Anyway, the Cobra album wasn't all that bad, even with it's productions inadequacies. But then again, you're talking to a guy who can stomach the milk jugs and angry bee's nest that is Sepultura's first full length (Morbid Visions).

Anonymous said...

Can you post bigger picture of back cover of this an the otherCobra record, please? Thanks !!!!