HARDWARE • In Cold Blood EP

Friday, January 8, 2010

Steamhammer Records 1985
Fuck yeah! This is what I hope every record I buy is gonna sound like: bad-ass Speed Metal that's aggressive yet still somewhat melodic with memorable riffs that aren't sacrificed for the sake of speed. The vocals are raspy and at times approach LIVING DEATH abrasiveness, but never become quite that annoying, and like most German Speed Metal there's no mistaking the ACCEPT influence. Total bummer that I'm just hearing HARDWARE now, but it's better late than never. Top notch German Speed... you can't go wrong.
DOWNLOAD: Hardware-InColdBlood.rar (36.38 MB)


Strad said...

good post and good description - Living Death meets Accept !

akira said...

Excellent record, indeed. Year before they had an album called "Common Time Heroes"

The Malcontent said...

I can't get enough of that track "6000 Bones". I can't figure out how the chorus relates to the verse, but screw it. This is for fist-pumping, not explication.

Alcolm X said...

Haha. Yeah I hear ya - wondered the same thing myself.

Anonymous said...

finally!! ive been looking for this album for the better half of a year. thanks!!

Alcolm X said...

This's been coming up randomly on my iPod lately and damn it's good!