Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rave-On Records 1984
The most awkward band name of all time! It was really bothering me, and so I had to find out just what the hell Gilgamesj meant - thank you Wikipedia. Gilgamesj (or Gilgamesh) was an ancient Sumerian king rumoured to be two thirds god and one third man. The ancient Dutch band GILGAMESJ, on the other hand, are two thirds deriviative and one third adequate. Take One isn't likely to knock you on your ass, but it's got some decent hard rockin' moments along with some blatant rip-offs (that opening riff is way too close to something - not sure if it's ACCEPT, or TANK, or what). Not nearly as killer as other early Rave-On releases (MERCYFUL FATE, SORTILEGE) but still cool, and the album cover rules.
DOWNLOAD: Gilgamesj-TakeOne.rar (32.37 MB)


VimFuego said...

sounds like Welcome to Hell with the double bend from Blood, Guts and Beer on the end.

Metal Mark said...

I have this one on one of those three on one rarity re-issue discs from the 90's. It's decent, but nothing special.

Anonymous said...

Hey, This Has Been Deleted

Herman_8 said...

Hi, could you gently put this link on again? It was deleted. I'm a great admirator of the hard 'n' heavy dutch scene.