WIKKA • Wikka EP

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Private/Indie 1988
Alright... in honour of Canada Day (whoopty doo!!!) I've decided to post this rare little gem of Torontonian Metal. I don't remember reading or hearing anything about this band back in the day, but today this EP is highly sought after by Metal collectors the world over... so I was lucky to stumble upon it recently... and only pay $5 no less! This is a pretty cool record featuring 4 straight up Metal ditties that kinda remind me of Detroit's HALLOWEEN ('cept less wild and without the Randy Rhoads worship), and I detect a bit of a SAVATAGE vibe at times too. Not terribly original, but totally likeable, and I'm sure after repeated listens I'm gonna be all over this record. The bass intro to "Pharaoh's Awakening" is neat... but unfortunately the song gets less heavy afterwards... WTF!?! I'm sure that Power Metal fans will love "Beware Of The King", cuz it sounds like it coulda been lifted straight off a modern Power Metal record (lyrics about piles of treasure, and a king's vengeance... you know the drill). Vocalist Steve Horwood had a great voice, and along with the songs themselves, is the best thing about "Wikka". The only real fault I can find with this record is the production - the guitar sound is terribly weak, and I found myself thinking: "Imagine how great this record would sound with heavy, multi-tracked guitars" - it would be truly awesome! But as it is, it's still a thoroughly enjoyable slab.
DOWNLOAD: Wikka-Wikka.rar (30.56 MB)


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