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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shrapnel Records 1986
Against my better judgement, I picked up this DR. MASTERMIND record... choosing to ignore the fact that it's on the crappy guitar hero label Shrapnel Records. The cover, being so ridiculous, piqued my interest, and it was in great shape and the price was right ($7 I think), so I was sold. It seems like this was a project put together by a couple of guys from WILD DOGS (Matt McCourt aka Dr. Mastermind, and drummer extraordinaire Deen Castronovo) to showcase the guitar playing of Kurt James, but unlike a lot of these type of records, "Dr. Mastermind" actually features real songs... not just some background music for the inevitable unholy wankfest. Almost every song is fast and loud, full of manic double bass drum workouts, and ludicrously entertaining lyrics ("Man Of The Year", "The Right Way"). It's the kinda chest thumping sub-moronic fare that you just gotta love (if you've got any sense of humour at all)... kinda reminding me of PILEDRIVER in both stupidity and enjoyability. Shockingly this is a really good record!
DOWNLOAD: DrMastermind-DrMastermind.rar (66.08 MB)


Metal Mark said...

I remember a review of this where the guy said something like "Dr. Mastermind claims to have written soem of the best metal songs of all time. If so then I would like to know who he has been giveing them to because they do not appear on this album"
I thought it was funny, but I actually remember liking this back when I had it on cassette.

matt mccourt said...

I AM DR MASTERMIND!complete with wig
im also in the church of el duce which is more to myliking and taste.... but who can pass up a solo deal when the wansy pansy wilddogs replace you with some gurlie man becuae they didnt want a repulsive vulgar gg allin type whop scares the girls? whats a skin to do?......what im now thinking ahhh heres another reason my cds are not selling everyone can get it free.. if ya want some real eggs on your toast... check out the church of el duce website...Matt mccourt and how i got hooked up with twild dogs and stopped jamin with poison ideas pig champion is one of life;s ugly mysteries almost as ugly as this blackie lawless immitator

Anonymous said...

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