She Said Boom! • Toronto ON

Monday, July 7, 2008

372 College Street
(416) 944-3224
I was pleasantly surprised by this store when I dropped by last week - I had been here once before, but didn't think much of the selection. Now they have a Metal section... it's small, but at least they have one, and there was some decent stuff. A lot of ARMORED SAINT and ANTHRAX records, but there was also AT WAR, DEVASTATION, and KREATOR, so there was some good stuff amongst the typical crap. I went back today and picked up the UNCLE SAM record with the nude chick/razorblade cover... I don't know if they're any good, but I think it's kinda rare with the original cover, and even though I'm totally broke right now, I decided to part with the $7. I quickly flipped through the New Arrivals too, and they seem to get good quality stuff. There's tonnes of used books as well, but I didn't check them out - no time for reading when there's Metal to be had. From now on I won't just walk past this place (like I have been for years)... I also wouldn't make a special trip, or go out of my way to check it out, but when I'm in the neighbourhood I'll no longer avoid it.