Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eastern Front/Restless Records 1986
An absolute stone cold classic here! Live At Ruthie's Inn is chock fulla some of Thrash Metal and Hardcore's finest, live and in their nascent prime. The first record is live from the Eastern Front (which I'm assuming was some sorta festival held at Ruthie's in '85) and includes VIOLENCE, LAAZ ROCKIT, DRI, RAW POWER, HEXX, FORBIDDEN EVIL, and a slew of others. The quality is uneven and raw, a fact that only helps to convey the unbridled energy of the era. To further document the Bay Area scene at the time, the second record features cracking demo tracks from DEATH ANGEL, BLIND ILLUSION, SACRILEGE (pre-BC), HEATHEN, RUFFIANS, LEGACY, and a shitload more! I'm not gonna bother breaking down each track as I'm sure it's not necessary... you know that every one of the aforementioned bands rule, and that you oughta download this tout de suite!
DOWNLOAD Pt. 1: LiveAtRuthiesInn-Disc1.rar (79.87 MB)
DOWNLOAD Pt. 2: LiveAtRuthiesInn-Disc2.rar (75.4 MB)


Anonymous said...

Alcom X - Just want to say THANKS for all this off the wall metal...and at decent quality - Most of this stuff wasn't really available at our record stores back in the day and half the stuff I won't of bought based on the covers alone - Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your site, and i couldnt believe how many albums from when i was a kid are up here!! PLEASE can you post some ANTI-MOMB and Stone Vengeance??? I have some VERY RARE vinyl that ive ripped to mp3. I would love to share it with you. Email me we will get in touch. colepinter@gmail.com