Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stumbled upon this, my new favourite Metal mag, at Hits & Misses yesterday. Chromium Dioxide is a comic/Metal magazine par excellence that combines 3 of my favourite things: Metal, art, and humour (think Metal Inquisition 'cept these guys actually like Metal). CD1 features 36 glossy pages of old school and re-issue reviews, lots of great artwork, super classy design, and interviews with TALON, CAULDRON, and Jeff Young (MEGADETH). This's gotta be the best looking, and one of the most entertaining zines I've ever come across, and these dudes love their old Metal as much as I do. If you dig the stuff I post here at ARGTHN, then you'll love Chromium Dioxide! I highly recommend that you track yourself down a copy... if not, don't be surprised if Vert, Knarrenheinz and Uxumer Guy show up at your front door and attempt to force your head even further up your own ass!
Check it out here: