THUNDERFIRE • Thunderfire LP

Monday, June 25, 2012

Roadrunner Records 1983
Super early Roadrunner offering from Belgian maniacs THUNDERFIRE for y'alls here. This, their one and only release, starts out in an ominously doom laden and distinctly BLACK SABBATH-esque fashion... the intro even sounds slightly like classic Swedish Death Metal when the gargled scream enters the fray, and from there Thunderfire plows through punky proto-Thrash and metallized AC/DC riff rockers in even doses. Hard to imagine that these guys actually sought out Keith Nichol to produce their record... I always assumed that VENOM used him cuz he was the only guy in town willing to put up with their racket... but perhaps, for brief moment, he was the Andy Sneap of 1983. Regardless, he did a decent job of capturing THUNDERFIRE's raw rock'n'metal sound, and now you can capture it by following the link below.
DOWNLOAD: Thunderfire-Thunderfire.rar (62.22 MB)


Heavy Thrashhead said...

Awesome, These Guys Fit Perfactly With the Rest of the Belgium Metal Bands

Metal Mark said...

I enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks for sharing.