QUICK CHANGE • Circus Of Death LP

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roadrunner Records 1988
Yet another band I don't remember ever hearing about back in the day... but based on the band photo it's easy to understand why someone might ignore, or attempt to expunge all memory of QUICK CHANGE. Said photo had me convinced that this record would truly suck, but thankfully my expectations weren't met. Circus Of Death is fairly typical of what was happening in late-80s Thrash, there's a bit of a skateboard/Crossover vibe (maybe it's just that goddamn flipped up hat) and a distinct Bay Area influence... kinda like a less manic, less intense VIO-LENCE, with vocals that are not unlike Sean Killian's or Russ from FORBIDDEN. Lots of Thrash bands, INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND for instance, were unable to write songs that didn't bore the shit outta the listener with 500 generic riffs strung together for interminable amounts of time - not so with QUICK CHANGE. The songs are concise, heavy, and surprisingly good. A Neo-Thrash fan's dream!
DOWNLOAD: QuickChange-CircusOfDeath.rar (72.58 MB)

TOX • Prince Of Darkness LP

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Samel Records 1985
Although the album title, cover art, and even band name, all exude a certain aura of heaviness, Prince Of Darkness is, not surprisingly, not the heaviest slab of molten balls-to-the-wall Metal ever made. A quick glance at the song titles made that abundantly clear, but it certainly didn't stop me from from giving TOX a chance... and I'm glad it didn't. What TOX lack in heaviness is made up for in classy Hard Rock hooks and memorable NWOBHM-style jaunts... think DEEP PURPLE or THIN LIZZY-ish 70s Rock melded with ANGEL WITCH and the mild Prog tendencies of NIGHTWING. The somewhat cheeseball, yet oddly spooky title track is a stonecold classic, and begs to be covered by THE DEVIL'S BLOOD. Welcome to the sorcery!
DOWNLOAD: Tox-PrinceOfDarkness.rar (70.11 MB)

THOR • Only The Strong LP

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Viper Records 1985
In keeping with HEAVY LOAD's viking heritage, artwork, and whole "Heathens From The North" vibe, I've decided to post a record by someone who thought he was a viking. He's definitely from the north, but he got the hemisphere wrong, and I dunno how his buxom bedmate, Pantera, fits into the whole Norse pantheon, but whatever... that's just splitting hairs. He thought he was a viking god and who am I to say he's not - it's totally possible that Thor is Thor, and in the mid-80s he came down from Valhalla to rock we wee mortals. Surprisingly (to me at least) he did a bang up job. Only The Strong may be the most clichéd Metal record of all time, but it's a hard rockin' good time, and "Thunder On The Tundra" is as majestic a Metal anthem as you're ever likely to hear.
DOWNLOAD: Thor-OnlyTheStrong.rar (70.36 MB)

HEAVY LOAD • Metal Conquest EP

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thunderload Records 1981
OK, so I'm showing up to the party a little late... but I partially blame you, dear reader. I bought this record in April '08, and, like some kinda jerk-off, let it sit in amongst all the crappy records I've amassed (and posted), and you.... you just sat by and let it happen. A simple email or comment: "Hey dipshit, post that HEAVY LOAD record" woulda sufficed, but nothing. And so it is that you're complicit in my negligence and ignorance regarding Sweden's mighty HEAVY LOAD. If you have even a passing interest in Metal, I'm confident that you're gonna drop a heavy load of yer own whilst checking out Metal Conquest.
DOWNLOAD: HeavyLoad-MetalConquest.rar (37.72 MB)

TANK • Crazy Horses 7"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kamaflage Records 1982
TANK are, in my opinion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the greatest band of the NWOBHM era. I hesitate to lump them in with the masses of NWOBHM bands, as they undoubtly transcended the limitations of the genre and the scene... that is until the Brabbs bros. left and everything went to Hell in a hand-basket, but during their early days (read: first 2 records) they were untouchable! "Crazy Horses" is an alternate version of the Osmonds' classic (?) found on TANK's sophomore outing Power Of The Hunter, and the phenomenally titled "Filth Bitch Boogie" is a non-LP b-side. These have probably been tacked onto the end of CD re-issues, but in case they haven't, here they are in their infinite glory. Hold on to your toupees!
DOWNLOAD: Tank-CrazyHorses.rar (13.31 MB)