THOR • Only The Strong LP

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Viper Records 1985
In keeping with HEAVY LOAD's viking heritage, artwork, and whole "Heathens From The North" vibe, I've decided to post a record by someone who thought he was a viking. He's definitely from the north, but he got the hemisphere wrong, and I dunno how his buxom bedmate, Pantera, fits into the whole Norse pantheon, but whatever... that's just splitting hairs. He thought he was a viking god and who am I to say he's not - it's totally possible that Thor is Thor, and in the mid-80s he came down from Valhalla to rock we wee mortals. Surprisingly (to me at least) he did a bang up job. Only The Strong may be the most clichéd Metal record of all time, but it's a hard rockin' good time, and "Thunder On The Tundra" is as majestic a Metal anthem as you're ever likely to hear.
DOWNLOAD: Thor-OnlyTheStrong.rar (70.36 MB)


Lambeau said...

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for this killer blog. I just happened upon it one day and I've been addicted ever since. There are a few albums I either own or I've heard, but this site has exposed me to tons of cool shit. It's amazing, I used to think that I had heard pretty much everything, but when it comes to metal & punk there's no way one could ever get through the gazillions of recordings. Sure, we've all heard the popular shit, but there are an untold number of gems out there waiting to be heard. Thanks again man, you're truly providing a service!

P.S. would you ever consider uploading that Blackout record again? I too have seen it and have been curious, but I always passed in favor of something else due to limited funds. If not, I'll just make sure it's on my radar while searching the used record bins.

Alcolm X said...

I've been meaning to repost the BLACKOUT record, but mine is scratched to shit and I wanna find another, cleaner, copy before I post it again.

I basically started this blog cuz I realized how many killer records I either ignored, passed on, or was completely unaware of when I was younger. So many of the records I post are new to me, as I'm constantly on the hunt for those rare gems you mentioned.

I'm glad you dig the blog!

e said...


Oh my, oh my, oh my my my. There was a time (back in the early 80s on the MFN record labels) where I heard him. What a sound!

Fast forward to the modern days and it doesn't age well at all.

But what memories it brings. "Gonna start raising Hell" being one of my favs. Props to him for keeping it 'true' and props to you for an outstanding journal, even if you don't like Cyclone (heathen!)


Anonymous said...

i am having a Toronto Rocks moment

a389records said...

Thor is playing a reunion show January 8, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland

Dave Tesch said...

This album is GREAT. I wouldn't say it doesn't stand the test of time at all. I unfortunately was too young to catch the first wave of metal, and ignored metal from the mid-80's on. I'm discovering it now as a nearly 40 year old, and Thor is one of the most fun, awesome acts there was. Don't forget to see some of his B-movies! (Rock N Roll Nightmare is the #1 pick of the litter)