SHINE • Powertime Demo

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Private/Indie 1997
The three years between THE OBSESSED's Church Within record and Wino's return with this here SHINE demo seemed interminably and painfully long. The resurrected and revived OBSESSED held so much promise, only to fall apart yet again, and I feared the worst after their premature demise. Crazy rumours about Wino abounded... he was a destitute drug addict, even that he was on the lam (!?!). Whether or not any of them were true was of no consequence when the ad for Powertime popped up in the back of Metal Maniacs. I hastily sent my money away to the address provided, but ended up waiting over a year for the demo to arrive. There was some sort of shady snafu with the guy who was handling their distribution, but all was forgiven when it finally arrived. OK, on to the music... Wino fans will recognize these 3 songs from the first SPIRIT CARAVAN record (SHINE were forced to change their name to SC due to another band with the same moniker), but I have yet to confirm whether or not these are the same versions on Jug Fulla Sun. They're very similar, and maybe were just remixed, or rerecorded... who knows. Powertime sees Wino at the top of his game, and everything we loved about the OBSESSED is present: Wino's powerful trademark vocals, his fantastically twisted leads, and riffs and vocal melodies that bore their way into your subconscious. Anyways, it seems that pretty much everyone loves Wino, so that description served no purpose as you likely already know what you're in store for... just download and enjoy.
DOWNLOAD: Shine Powertime.rar (27.44 MB)


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Jordi said...

After listening to both a thousand times, I'm pretty sure they're not the same versions (Demo vs. Jug Fulla Sun).

jellyfish rising said...

I am the guy who did the demo, and there was a real reason for the year long wait. It was me moving 3 different times, and getting no communication from the band. I sent out over 600 of those demos and I still get asked questions about it. Yes, all versions are exactly the same. Except that, if you got a version of the demo that had LIVE material on the second side of the tape....And on some copies, there was a slightly different remix of POWERTIME, after the original 3 songs. Nothing shady about it at all. It was put together to be a collectors piece and Wino wanted it that way.

Alcolm X said...

Excellent! Thanks for the clarification and background info.

Anonymous said...

sure they are not same versions from jug fulla sun, but these versions from this shine demo/ep, all 3 songs, appear in this form on spirit caravan's compilation called the last embrace, songs 13, 14 and 15 on cd1.