To open or not to open... that is the question

Monday, March 15, 2010

I kinda hate finding sealed vinyl, cuz of the eternal internal debate of whether or not it should be opened. This weekend at a local flea market I had the good fortune of happening upon this rare Canadian gem... sealed (and at a great price). Normally not an issue, I'd tear that shit off post-haste and slap it on the wheels of steel ASAP, but this one could possibly fetch a pretty penny, and so I'm torn. Though I didn't buy it with the intention of reselling (never do), the option is always there, and that shitty shrink wrap that is undoubtedly warping the virgin vinyl inside would definitely add to the asking price. My instinct tells me to crack it open and enjoy all the metallic wonders of OVERLORD, but there's that goddamn little frugal voice in my head telling me to leave it as is. If only it weren't sealed: I'd be rockin' it right now... and you'd be downloading it... and we'd all be happy.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Bernett Records 1984
I'm not all that familiar with Rhett Forrester. I know he replaced Guy Speranza in RIOT, but I like early RIOT so much that I've never been willing to hear anything after Fire Down Under (even though I own the Forrester-era records). Plus there's the whole Rhett Forrester/Rhett Butler Gone With The Wind thing - all a bit hokey if you ask me. But, I've sat on this record long enough and I figure it's time to take the plunge. Right off the bat this is much heavier than expected, the title track and album opener is a double time kick square in the nuts. The record carries on in similarly triumphant chest thumping fashion for it's entirety. Forrester's got a great voice, much like Blackie Lawless with a touch of David Coverdale thrown in for the more soulful bits. Good record, even if "Assume The Position" would make El Duce blush, and the drums are grossly over processed... these things can most likely be overlooked.
DOWNLOAD: RhettForrester-GoneWithTheWind.rar (72.33 MB)

GEISHA • Phantasmagoria LP

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Heavy Metal Worldwide 1987
Sometimes when you buy an album you have the good fortune of finding an unexpected surprise inside. Could be coloured vinyl, a poster, hand transcribed listener lyric sheet (kinda like winning the lottery in my opinion), or promo material. With this one I found a mini GEISHA promo package... just a brief bio and a buncha reviews, but it's always fun to read the hyperbolic nonsense record companies spew to pump up their second rate bands. According to the supplied info, GEISHA were on the verge of taking over the world and becoming the next big thing... or the next WRATHCHILD to be specific (aim high boys!). Anyways, someone failed to instruct the intern at the record label to not include the negative reviews... cuz at least 50% of 'em are less than flattering (ooops). I on the other hand think this is a pretty decent slab. Commercial and lunkheaded though it might be, it's still heavy and fun, and reminds me of SPELLBOUND's fantastic Breaking The Spell LP or a heavier RATT... making the phantasmagoric title and cover art a bit misleading. Mildly interesting factoid: GEISHA axe slinger Pete Blakk would go on to join KING DIAMOND for the Them, Conspiracy, and The Eye records. Oh shit... even cooler, vocalist Yenz Cheyenne (aka Jens Arnsted) was the singer in BRATS with Michael Denner and Hank Shermann! (thank you Encyclopaedia Metallum)
DOWNLOAD: Geisha-Phantasmagoria.rar (61.32 MB)

MIDAS TOUCH • Presage To Disaster LP

Friday, March 5, 2010

Noise Records 1989
Sweden's never been known for it's prodigious Thrash output (neither in quantity nor quality), and save for AGONY and MIDAS TOUCH I couldn't name another band off the top of my head. Retro-Thrash the Swedes are all over, but back in the day they were a bit lacking. Presage To Disaster is decent, but MIDAS TOUCH were not breaking any new ground by sticking to formulaic pseudo-techno-Thrash that was popularized and running rampant in America. "When The Boot Comes Down" is the standout here, as it's a bit slower, more melodic, and a touch more trad Metal than the remainder of the record. I expected this to be better, and though kinda cool, it still falls a bit flat.
DOWNLOAD: MidasTouch-PresageToDisaster.rar (67.09 MB)