DYOXEN • Apocalyptic Dreams Demo

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Private/Indie 1987
I found DYOXEN's First Among Equals record disappointing when it was released - today I don't remember why exactly, but I'm sure it's got something to do with being one of those "I only like the demo" guys that Metal Inquisition despise so much. Sorry, but it's true - this, the notorious London ON thrashers' first demo, is pretty damn killer and a superior offering to their 1990 album. After an unintentionally PILEDRIVER-esque intro and obligatory instrumental time-waster the band finally gets to the good shit: 4 tracks of tight, moderately complex Thrash that's not unlike Boston's mighty WARGASM, and thanks to Michael Scott Saunders' vocal lines and tasteful guitar playing, there's even some hint of melody amongst the intense thrash'n'bash. Excellent stuff - highly recommended.
DOWNLOAD: Dyoxen-ApocalypticDreams.rar (36.73 MB)

S.D.I. • Satans Defloration Incorporated LP

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scratchcore 1986
You'd be well advised to down 3 or 4 steinkrugs of Krombacher (or your bier of choice) to get yourself in the mood for this 'un... it might also give you some insight into the minds that created this brazen masterwork of mindless Metal. Only an excess of booze could explain why S.D.I. were content to record the same song over and over again 10+ times. There's little variety on Satans Defloration Incorporated: simplistic, fast riffs that border on Punk over a barrage of non-stop double bass drums that plow through every song. Only "Bloodsucker" and "You're Wrong" break the pace, and as a result are the most memorable tracks on this slab. This record is exactly what I've come to expect from a second rate German Speed Metal... it's more fun than it is evil, and more ham-fisted than technical, but it's still a good time... and after that many steins, who gives a fuck! It's Metal for christsake!
DOWNLOAD: SDI-SatansDeflorationIncorporated.rar (67.29 MB)