GIRLSCHOOL • Running Wild LP

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PolyGram Records 1985
Alright, I think this one is a bit of a rarity... certainly I'd never seen or even heard of it when I stumbled across it at Hamilton's crustiest record shop Hammer City. I had an inkling that it was gonna be bad based the discogs note that simply states "infamous release", and that just made me wanna hear it more! For my money GIRLSCHOOL's first 2 records and early singles are the only things that are truly great - after Hit & Run they seemed to consistently miss the mark. Running Wild is their fifth record and first without Kelly Johnson on guitar, and also their first (and only?) as a 5-piece. Oddly enough Running Wild never saw a UK release... perhaps they knew their old-school fans wouldn't appreciate the poppier sound and glossy production on offer here. This is pretty mediocre stuff to be sure, but each side has a couple of decent tracks: "Something For Nothing" and "Are You Ready?" on the first and "Love Is A Lie" and "Can't You See" on the second. This one is worth a shot - it's honestly not as bad as rumoured to be.
DOWNLOAD: GS-RW85.rar (86.46 MB)


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Great, thanx. But it is sad that this blog is dead!

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