PROPHECY • Unforseen Future Demo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Private/Indie 1989
PROPHECY were a buncha righteous dudes from north of Toronto who dealt in chugging mid-paced Thrash that's just on the cusp of Death Metal. Unforseen Future is definitely not the tightest thing yer gonna hear any time soon (sounds like they're barely keeping it together), but there's some cool riffs and great vocals that call to mind Schmier (DESTRUCTION) and Rob from SACRIFICE (especially the high pitched screams that finish off certain lines). "Avoid Death's Call" is still a great song, but honestly, and unfortunately, I got bored quickly with the rest of it.
DOWNLOAD: Prophecy-UnforseenFutureDemo.rar (49.06 MB)


Monday, July 26, 2010

Megaforce Records 1985
In 1985, when From The Megavault came out, I foolishly had zero interest in the collection of rarities culled from the Megaforce archives, but today, as I'm sure it did then, it stands up as an absolutely top notch comp. The exclusive tracks from OVERKILL, EXCITER, RAVEN, S.O.D., and BLESSED DEATH all make this essential, with tracks from T.T. QUICK, ANTHRAX, and unknowns MEDIEVAL STEEL and IMPERIOUS REX only sweetening the deal. BLUE CHEER's take on the oft covered "Boney Maroney" is the odd-man-out here, with standouts being the Violence And Force-era outtake from EXCITER and the live RAVEN track. Download with confidence.
DOWNLOAD: FromTheMegavault.rar (64.5 MB)

THE RUNAWAYS • Young And Fast LP

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Allegiance Records 1985
It was safe to assume that this record would suck, but nothing could have prepared me for how utterly and hilariously bad it really is. In spite of 23 musicians and 5 different vocalists being credited, Young And Fast features none of the original RUNAWAYS, and was clearly an attempt, by the ever unscrupulous Kim Fowley, to cash in on the name and further defile the RUNAWAYS' legacy. The words to explain just how terrible this record is simply don't exist. To say that the lyrics sink sub-moronism to new lows and that the music and melodies are childish, superficial, and painfully bland is only scratching the surface. The songs range from hamfisted SUZI QUATRO-ish Glam Rock (sorry Suzi), to synthesized 60s girl group pap, to pseudo-urban electro pop and fuck knows what else. There is no question that this is THE worst record I've posted and possibly the worst record I've ever heard, and I strongly advise that you do not download it unless you've got an insatiably morbid curiosity or are in search of a good laugh.
DOWNLOAD: TheRunaways-YoungAndFast.rar (59.64 MB)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Miami 1992 Records & Tapes 1983
When putting together an all-girl Rock band, I'd imagine that the vocalist position would be the easiest to fill (followed by the bass player perhaps), as strong female vocalists are not tough to find in the 80s Metal milieu (Lee Aaron, Dawn Crosby, Betsy Bitch, Doro Pesch, and on and on). It's slightly confounding then that vocalist Terry O'Leary is LEATHER ANGEL's weak link. She comes across as a second rate Cherie Currie, her vocal shortcomings heard clearly when she gets into the higher register (particularly during "Under Your Spell" with her falsetto sounding more like Kate Bush than any kinda leatherclad angel). Generally We Came To Kill comes across as an even lower rent, latter day (read: more Metal) RUNAWAYS... the band even referring to themselves as the Queens Of Leather, a possible nod to THE RUNAWAYS' Queens Of Noise nick. Maybe not mandatory, but definitely a fun listen in spite of the cringe worthy "Whole Lotta Love" cover.
DOWNLOAD: LeatherAngel-WeCameToKill.rar (42.28 MB)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

GWR Records 1987
When MOTORHEAD expanded into a 4 piece in 1984 I was convinced that Würzel was the superior player in the new-look twin-guitar MOTORHEAD. Honestly this was based on little more than the fact that he looked the part (being an ugly motherfucker who might have given Lemmy a run for his money), because I still don't know who's playing what on those Burston/Campbell records. I have an inkling that Phil Campbell was responsible for those crazy half-cocked wah solos on Rock 'n' Roll, but again, that's just speculation. So, it seems that Würzel felt the need to spread his wings, step out from the shadow of Lemmy, and put out this here EP, the oddly titled Bess. Thankfully he did, because none of the 4 tracks on Bess would have been suitable for his day job. "Bess" is a slow bluesy instrumental that fails to excite and as such is an odd title/lead-off track. "Midnight In London" and "People Say I'm Crazy" are both up-tempo rockers, the former recalling the NWOBHM... with a slight whiff of DEF LEPPARD detectable. Würzel's got a good voice, with a gruffness and edgy incompetence that helps to elevate the fairly standard music on offer. Bess wraps up with another instrumental guitar showcase that meanders through Rock and some mild touches of Jazz (fretless bass solo anyone?). It's an interesting listen, but that interest will likely only extend to MOTORHEAD diehards.
DOWNLOAD: Wurzel-BessEP.rar (23.44 MB)

VYPER • Afraid Of The Dark EP

Friday, July 9, 2010

Greenworld Records 1985
Shockingly, I didn't hate this record! One look at the shoddy cover and sketchy band members and I was convinced that a torrential shitstorm was about to ensue. Granted, I went into this with extremely low expectations, and VYPER woulda had to suck some serious balls in order to meet 'em. It's like when you went to see Twilight and came out fully entrenched in Team Edward... not that that's happened to me... but, uhhh you know what I mean. Anyways, Afraid Of The Dark serves up 4 moderately heavy slabs of commercial Metal with "Time Flies" being the heaviest, most OTT and fulla manic guitar histrionics. The lyrics are suitably abysmal and just the title of "Daddy's Girl" should be enough to give you an idea of where these dipshits were at. But again, on the whole, not as bad as you might assume.
DOWNLOAD: Vyper-AfraidOfTheDark.rar (27.26 MB)